The main goal of this plugin is to facilitate the work of learning plan managers. It provides an overview of user learning plan, without leaving the page to get information related to this learning plan(such as rating in courses,user evidence,). It also offers statistics by learning plans and competencies. For learning plan templates with a very large number of learning plans (generated from cohorts), this plugin is the best solution, with its advanced filter, it allows you to filter the learning plans by several criterias.

Plugin configuration

Role and permissions

This plugin can be used in system or category context. The user using this plugin in the category must have these permissions:

Note that planview is always set in user context level. Thus, we must assign a user to a cohort using Site administration/Users/Permissions/Assign user roles to cohort so he will have the “moodle/competency:planview” of every member of that specific cohort (must wait for the next cron execution to take effect).

Color configuration

To fully benefit from the reports, a color must be associated to each value of the scale. To set the scale values colors, you must have “moodle/competency:competencymanage” permission. Here are the steps :

Colors configuration

That’s it, now the colors are set and ready to be used in the reports pages.

Monitoring of learning plans page

In a category context or system context go on Reports / ► Monitoring of learning plans


Filtering helps us find a user’s learning plan. Here are the steps:

By learning plan template

From a learning plan template, we can filter learning plans.

You will see the learning plan of the student selected, and you can navigate between learning plan based on that template. If there is no student selected, the first student from the template will be displayed.

Filter by template

By clicking on “show more…”, you can have more options to filter learning plans by scales values.

Filter scales values

There are two options for using scales values filter

When filtering by scales values, the number of rating in the student list will be displayed:

Filter rating number

By user

We can choose a particular student by typing his name in the user picker field in order to retrieve his learning plans

Filter by student

Learning plan detail

The details of the learning plan is divided into three blocks:

Filter by student

1.User navigation

This block contain the following informations:

User navigation

2.Learning plan competencies informations

This block displays the following informations:

Learning plan competencies informations

3.List competencies details

This part has three blocks

List competencies details

Total number of rating

It display the number of courses linked to the competency and wherein the user is enrolled, Clicking on the number will trigger a popup containing the list of course linked to the competency and if the course was rated or not.

Popup total number courses

Also, this block displays the number of evidences of prior learning. You can have more details on the list of evidences by clicking on this number

evidence of prior learning


This block displays the number of rated courses by scale value. Clicking on this number triggers a popup that displays the course name, comments left by the teacher and the final course grade.

Rated courses by scale value

Final rating

This block gives us details about the final rating (rating in learning plan) :

Competency final rating

Statistics for learning plans

This page provides statistics for learning plans. It groups statistics by competency for a given template. For each competency we display the total users in template and number of users by scale value. To get this page, go on Reports / ► Statistics for learning plans

Stats page

Total users

Clicking on the “Total users” number triggers a popup with the list of all the users related to this competency. It shows if each user has been rated.

Stats nb users

Number of users by scale value

It displays the number of users rated with a given scale value for the competency.

Stats user by scalevalue

Monitoring of learning plans for users (students)

This page gives the user the ability to keep track of his learning plans with all the details mentioned above. To get this page go to the user profile page and click on Monitoring of learning plans in the reports block.

Profile user

To display the report, the user must select a learning plan and click on “Apply”

Student lpmonitoring

New features for 3.5 and 3.6

Allow tagging of learning plans

• Manages tags for learning plans • Filter by tag tagging tagging tagging

Manage comments directly in the report page

The block comment in the learning plan page (core) is now available in the report page, and we can filter by users having at least one comment. comment comment comment

User list navigation

A collapsible block was added, containing the resulting user list from search and filters, so we can easily navigate between users. That way, we are not limited to the next/previous buttons of the main learning plan bar. User list

Resetting competencies of a learning plan

We can reset all competencies of a learning plan: this will reset the value of rating but the evidences will be kept. We can also make a reset on single competency. reset reset

Bulk rating in competencies for all users learning plans of learning plan template

This feature allows to rate competencies for all users learning plan of learning plan template.A scale value can be chosen for each competency. Note that rated students won’t be impacted : to force ratings, tick “Force rating of users already rated” option. The ratings will take effect in the next passage of the CRON. reset

Report tab

It shows ratings in courses in a table display, that can be filtered by competency, course name or/and scale value. bulk

Developed by Université de Montréal